Did you go on the run to a different city after finding out that you are wanted by the authorities for a crime that you didn't commit? You must understand that going on the run makes you a fugitive, so all you are doing is digging yourself into deeper trouble. Being a fugitive can be a very stressful way to live when you are always on the edge about getting caught. You can resolve the situation in a legal way that might come out in your favor if you seek services from a criminal defense attorney. Below, you will learn a few things that can guide you back to the path of living life without being a fugitive.

What Can an Attorney Do to Help?

When you seek assistance from a criminal defense attorney, there are several things that he or she can do on your behalf. You will first have to let the attorney know why you are on the run so he or she can determine the stability of your defense. The attorney will be able to run an investigation to find out who is really responsible for the crime that you are accused of. He or she can find witnesses, view surveillance footage, and gather evidence that can prove your innocence.

What If Being Honest Is Life-Threatening?

No matter how afraid you are of the perpetrator of the crime, you should always be honest. Make sure that your attorney is provided with any information in regards to the perpetrator that you know about. If your life is in danger, the attorney can try to put you on a witness protection program. The program might involve you being provided with a safe place to live until the case is resolved, or your identity can be changed in a severe case.

Will Jail Time Have to Be Served Upon Returning?

It is likely that you will be placed behind bars when you return to your city. Just make sure that you speak to an attorney before turning yourself in to the authorities. The nature of the crime, your criminal history, and willingness to cooperate will play a role in whether or not you are able to get bailed out of jail. An attorney can do everything possible to make sure you are able to spend most of your time out of jail as the case is being resolved. For example, he or she might suggest that you are placed under house arrest for a while.