When dealing with criminal charges, many people do not know what to expect. They are not sure what will happen during the court proceedings. Those who are charged with different crimes often end up dealing with panic, frustration, and stress while awaiting the outcome of the case where they can receive serious fines and penalties, which may include spending several years in prison for their actions. If you are in a legal situation where you are facing some serious punishments for the crimes that you are accused of, you need to find a criminal attorney to work on building your defense. Whether you did something wrong or not, a criminal attorney will take on the role of representing you and trying to get you out of the trouble you have found yourself in. Even if you are charged with a felony, you can still receive representation from a criminal defense attorney.

Hire a Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney

Before claiming your innocence and trying to avoid the consequences that come with the crime, you should hire a qualified criminal defense attorney. When looking for an attorney, you should get details about the attorney's track record, including the number of cases he or she has managed to win over the years. You want to know that you are hiring someone with experience and confidence in the courtroom. An attorney with a higher success rate has a greater chance of helping you get through these legal problems with less frustration.

Provide a Statement to Your Attorney

After hiring your attorney, you should provide a statement based on facts surrounding the crime. You should remain honest with your attorney about your involvement because you do not want to end up with any surprises from the prosecution while in the courtroom. If your attorney is fully aware of what happened, what kind of crime you are being accused of, and what your involvement was in that particular crime, it makes it slightly easier for the attorney to build a stronger defense against the prosecution while they try to pin different types of evidence on you.

Trust in Your Attorney to Build Your Defense

When the attorney knows what happened and you continue to communicate with one another, you can trust in your attorney to build a reasonable defense. While the type of defense would depend on the crime and your specific situation, these are some of the things that your attorney might attempt to do to cast doubt on your guilt:

  • Find out if you were pulled over by an arresting officer in an illegal manner
  • Obtain a solid alibi that proves you were not even close to the location where the crime was committed
  • Find out if you were not read your Miranda Rights during your arrest or while you were at the police station
  • Get statements from witnesses to the crime that do not believe you were involved

A defense attorney wants to look for loopholes and different ways to either prove that you are innocent or to make the jury have doubts about your guilt. If the jury has doubts, they are going to struggle to convict you of the charges that have been filed against you. That means that you could potentially avoid spending time in prison because the jury cannot validate the claims made against you due to a lack of evidence. In cases where there is too much evidence against you, the criminal defense attorney is not going to give up. Instead, the attorney will try to get your sentence reduced.

If you need to clear your name because you are charged with a crime, hire a criminal defense attorney that can handle the legal situation with you. A defense attorney is there to represent you while focusing on putting enough doubt in the minds of the jurors to keep them from convicting you of the crime.

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