A DUI conviction will have a bad impact on many parts of your life. You will pay fines, might lose your license to drive, and have to spend time in jail. Being convicted of a DUI may limit your current and future employment options and your ability to work in your field.

If you're still not sure whether you need a lawyer, learn more about the DUI attorney services you will receive.

Advice on When to Keep Quiet

A good DUI attorney will tell you when to stop talking. Many people don't realize just how much what they say to law enforcement can affect their outcome.

Management of Deadlines

There's a lot of deadlines in a DUI case. If, for example, you want dashcam footage from your arrest because the officers did something wrong, you have to request that footage within a certain timeframe. If you don't, the footage may be lost to you forever.

Your DUI attorney will stay on top of all the paperwork and deadlines in your case. This will ensure nothing crucial is missed as your case proceeds.

Thorough Case Investigation

If something is suspect in your DUI arrest or alcohol testing, your attorney will work to uncover the evidence of wrongdoing or incompetence to use in your defense. This is true even if you don't realize something was done wrong.

You will need to go over exactly what happened with your DUI attorney. They will listen to your story and ask questions to get more information. Once they have evaluated the incident, they will be able to identify potential defenses to your DUI charge and collect evidence to back those positions.

Prosecutor Negotiation

Even if you know you did drink and drive, you don't just have to accept the full penalty and all that comes with it. An experienced DUI attorney will know how to work with the prosecutor on your case to work out a more favorable plea bargain. If you're facing time in jail, your attorney can negotiate for a jail alternative instead.

Your prosecutor may not take your own attempts at negotiation seriously. In fact, the prosecutor may not be willing to negotiate with a person who is handling their own defense.

Your DUI attorney will be able to do many things you can't or don't know how to do. This is why using an experienced attorney will help ensure your case ends with the best outcome you could possibly get.