Most states tightly regulate under what conditions cannabis and cannabis products can be grown, sold, used, and transported. People who are suspected of skirting these laws can find themselves in significant legal trouble.

When you have been arrested for unlawful use, sale, growing, or transport of this substance, you need to defend yourself assertively in court. You can build that defense and potentially win your case by hiring an experienced marijuana attorney to represent you.

Proving Your Innocence

Even if you were found in possession of this substance, you may not have been purposely breaking the law. In fact, you may have had a legitimate reason to possess it.

Your marijuana attorney can build a defense that revolves around that legitimate reason. They can show the court that you had a medical license to use and carry it on your person. Your marijuana attorney can also show that you have a state license to grow and transport it. These defenses may be enough to help you escape the punishments that come with illegal possession of this substance.

Arguing Down Charges

If you have no legitimate reason for why you had this substance on you, you may still not deserve to go to jail. Your marijuana attorney may be able to argue down the charges against you and help you avoid jail time and expensive fines.

You may have the best chance of arguing down charges against you if you have an otherwise clean record. If you have no prior traffic or criminal convictions on your record, your marijuana attorney may be able to convince a judge to go easy on you. The judge might sentence you to community service, drug rehabilitation classes, or perhaps even probation. You may not need to serve any time behind bars.

Even if you have prior drug convictions, you still may be able to bargain down the charges. Your marijuana attorney can argue that you were not in possession of harder drugs like cocaine or methamphetamines. They may even argue that you had no intention of selling the substance to anyone else. These arguments may be enough to merit a lighter sentence.

A marijuana attorney can provide you with several legal benefits after your arrest. They can prove that you had a valid reason to possess the substance. Your lawyer may also be able to argue down the charges. Contact a local marijuana attorney if you were accused of possession.